Public Service Announcements for Radio, English version

Immunization Branch

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Script for Public Service Announcement, English radio version:

There was a time parents feared the worst over every little cold, every snivel or rash. There was a time when thousands of children's lives were stolen by diseases that lurked behind every corner. Measles, Polio, Tetnus, Pertusis. The List goes on and on. Chances are you've heard of them but never witnessed their devastating effects. We have vaccines to thank for that. You see, vaccines have changed our lives for good. Not only are they safe, they keep those we love most, safer. Vaccinated against unseen dangers today's kids can be stronger and healthier than ever. And parents can enjoy peace of mind. So make sure your children get all their shots by their second birthday. Call 1.800.252.9152 for more information. Once again that number is 1.800.252.9152. Visit for a complete vaccination schedule. And talk to your doctor about the importance of vaccines.

This message is brought to your by the Texas Department of Health.

Vaccines. Build your child's health.

Last updated December 13, 2010