1999 Texas Retrospective Immunization Survey Public Health Region 10

Immunization Branch

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The bar graph shows regional 4-3-1 (DTP4, Polio3, MMR1) immunization coverage rates for two year olds as assessed by the past three Texas Retrospective Immunization Survey (TRIS). The majority of the children participating in the 1999 TRIS were born in 1992-1993. The 4-3-1 coverage rate at two years of age for children in PHR 10 has increased from 59.4% in 1997 to 75.1% in 1999. The 1999 TRIS regional 4-3-1-3 (4-3-1 series including HIB3) coverage in the same age group was 73.3%.

Children who start their immunizations early in life are more likely to complete the 4-3-1 series and receive optimal protection against disease during their preschool years. In PHR 10, of children who received DTP1 by three months of age, 79.1% (569/719) completed the 4-3-1 series by two years of age. Of children who received DTP1 after three months of age, 56.1% (87/155) completed the 4-3-1 series by two years of age.

The table shows the regional rates for the different combinations of vaccines used to determine the "up-to-date" status at specific ages. Depending on when the children started the HIB vaccine series, they may only need one or two doses of HIB to be considered "up-to-date."

The coverage rates at five years of age for HB3 (three doses of hepatitis B vaccine) and MMR2 are 90.1% and 88%, respectively. Future TRIS studies will continue to report on HB immunization rates as well as those for varicella vaccine.

For more information about the TRIS in PHR 10, please contact the regional immunization program at (915) 774-6239.

Age "Up-to-date" Vaccine Series "Up-to-date" Percentage
3 Months DTP1, Polio1, HIB1 78.2%
5 Months DTP2, Polio2, HIB2 64.1%
7 Months DTP3, Polio2, HIB3 44.2%
12 Months DTP3, Polio2, HIB3 77.9%
19 Months DTP4, Polio3, MMR1, HIB#* 64.1%
24 Months DTP4, Polio3, MMR1, HIB#* 74.7%
35 Months DTP4, Polio3, MMR1, HIB#* 84.0%
48 Months DTP4, Polio3, MMR1, HIB#* 89.9%
60 Months DTP4, Polio3, MMR1, HIB#* 96.9%
72 Months DTP4, Polio3, MMR1, HIB#* 98.1%

* Completion of primary series and booster OR at least one HIB on or after 15 months of age.

Last updated December 14, 2010