Texas Vaccines for Children - Operations Manual

Table of Contents

Operations Manual, by Chapter

Texas Vaccines for Children Operations Manual, by Chapter
Section Title Revision
1 General Information (PDF) 12/2017
2 Standards and Policies (PDF) 02/2009
3 Program Evaluation (PDF) 02/2009
4 Data Reporting (PDF) 02/2009
5 Miscellaneous References (PDF) 02/2009

Operations Manual Appendices

Texas Vaccines for Children Operations Manual Appendices
Appendix Publication Title
Appendix A Vaccine Ordering Instructions (PDF)
Appendix K TVFC Abbreviations (PDF)
Appendix L Vaccine Storage Contingency Plan
Appendix M Quality Assurance Checklist [for EC-68 & EC-33] (PDF)
Appendix N VFC Vaccine Borrowing Report (PDF)
Appendix P Provider Compliance (PDF)

Related Publications

Publications Related to Texas Vaccines for Children Operations
Stock Number Publication Title
Online Form Provider Agreement Form
C-10 Patient Eligibility Screening Form
C-33Monthly Biological Report 
F11-12842 Adult Eligibility Screening Record
EC-105-FC Temperature Recording Form (Freezer-Celsius)
EC-105-FF Temperature Recording Form (Freezer - Fahrenheit)
EC-105-RC Temperature Recording Form
EC-105-RF Temperature Recording Form
C-88 Daily Tally Sheet for Immunizations
EC-68 Biological Order Form
EC-69Vaccine Loss Report 
F11-11443 Provider Withdrawal Form

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