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Expiring Vaccines

By Charlotte Hunter, Vaccine Services Group

As part of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) provider enrollment form, DSHS requires Texas Vaccines for Children (TVFC) providers to notify their local or regional office if vaccine cannot be used before the expiration date. The notification should be made 90 days prior to expiration. Providers were previously asked to contact the local or regional office within 60 days of expiration, but the timeframe has now changed to 90 days so that the local health departments (LHDs) or health services regions (HSRs) have more time to find a home for these vaccines.  For questions, please call your local or regional office or a TVFC consultant at 800-252-9152 or 512-458-7284.   






Dairy Queen "Free Treat" Coupon Available for Events  

By Tony Martinez, Public Information, Education, and Training

The Dairy Queen Operators Council of Texas has agreed to continue sponsoring the free treat coupons for calendar year 2008. Children who participate in a health-related event are eligible to receive Dairy Queen coupons. These events include vaccinations, and health and dental screenings.

DQ coupon exampleSample Coupon

You may order coupons by directly contacting Shanan Love, at the Dairy Queen Operators Council of Texas. The coupons come in packs of 100.

For more information please take a look at the DQ Coupon Memo, or contact Lupe Mandujano Garcia at or 800-252-9152.






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