Data Requests

 Data Requests

To submit a data request, please contact us at injury.epi@dshs.texas.gov

Data Analysis Requests

Our branch will provide simple analyses on our surveillance data as capacity allows. Please read and complete the form below to begin the Data Analysis process:

Public Use Data Files

The Injury Epidemiology & Surveillance Branch creates public use data files (PUDF) based on data submitted to the EMS & Trauma Registries. This data is available for general public and researcher use. Please contact injury.epi@dshs.texas.gov to find out what the most current available PUDFs are.

How do I request the PUDF?

To request a copy of the available PUDFs, please complete the following form and submit it to the Epidemiologist Request Inbox: injury.epi@dshs.texas.gov 

Last updated May 3, 2018