Critical Fields Used For Duplicate Deletion

The EMS/Trauma Registry System currently checks for duplicate records.  Before May 2004, the system used to only delete exact duplicates where ALL of the fields matched exactly.  As of May 2004, the system identifies records as duplicates only if all of the critical fields listed below MATCH EXACTLY.

For example, if the only field you update is the patient's Pulse, which is not a critical field, then the older record (the first record you sent to us) will be automatically deleted and the newest copy of the record will be kept.  If you update the Race of a patient and send the record in, both versions of that record will be kept in the system since Race is a critical field.  You will need to go into the system and delete the older version of the record manually.

Below is the list of critical fields, those fields that must be exactly the same for a record to be considered a duplicate and the older record deleted:

EMS Providers   Hospitals
Entity Number   Entity Number
Run Report ID   Trauma Registry Number
Race   Race
Sex   Sex
First Name   Date of Birth
Last Name   Date of Injury
Date of Birth   Time of Injury
Date of Call   County of Injury
Time of Call   Date of Arrival
Time of Arrival at Scene   Time of Arrival
Time of Arrival at Destination   Date of Discharge or Death
Run Type   Time of Discharge or Death
Response Type   Cause of Injury
Location of Injury   Payer Source
County of Occurrence   Injury Severity Score
County of Residence   Test Record
Injury 1    
Injury 2    
Illness 1    
Illness 2    
Test Record
Last updated October 25, 2011