EMS Data Quality Improvement Initiative

This change affects any data submitted after 2006.   In the past, if a patient record was not rejected from the EMS/Trauma Registry system, it was counted towards the allotment formula. Now, the patient record must be accepted into the system and NONE of the data field listed below* may contain the value for “unknown.” For example, if a patient record has a call type that is reported as unknown (9), the EMS/Trauma Registry system will accept the record but it may not count towards allotment if it is not marked as medical (1), trauma (2), or other.

List of key data fields that must now be known:

1.call type
2.run type
3.response type
4.cause of injury
5.injury type
6.dispatch time
7.arrive scene time
8.depart scene time
9.arrive destination time
11.county of occurrence
12.suspected illness/chief complaint

These key data fields were selected due to their importance in providing meaningful reports and performing research. Improving data quality for these fields is critical for regional EMS/trauma system development and directing process improvement efforts both at the local and regional levels. Quality/accurate data in these 12 key fields is required for your records to be counted towards the 911/1131 and 3588 funding allotments, and may significantly affect the funding that you and your Regional Advisory Council (RAC) may be eligible to receive in the future.

For questions about how these changes may affect funding for EMS providers and RACs, please contact the office of EMS & Trauma Systems Coordination at 512-834-6700.


Last updated October 11, 2012