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The goals of the Kidney Health Care (KHC) Program are to improve access to care for Texas residents with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), and to ease the financial burden of obtaining essential medical treatment for ESRD.  KHC provides limited financial assistance to Texas residents with ESRD who have been approved to receive KHC benefits.


To be eligible for KHC benefits the following criteria must be met:  Texas residency must be documented; ESRD must be certified; applicant must be receiving a regular course of chronic renal dialysis treatments or have received a kidney transplant; an application for benefits must be submitted through a Medicare approved hospital, VA facility, or KHC approved facility; an application for ESRD benefits must be filed with Medicare; and KHC-established financial criteria must be met. ESRD patients should contact their dialysis facility or transplant center social worker for specific eligibility requirements.

Program Benefits

Benefits available to KHC recipients are dependent on their treatment status and eligibility for benefits from other programs such as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, private insurance, and etc.   Primary benefits include: payment for covered ESRD related medical services including dialysis; payment for allowable drugs; travel for ESRD related services; and Medicare premium payment.

Method of Payment

The method of payment depends upon the type of benefit. Medical services and drug benefits are reimbursed to providers, while travel benefits are paid directly to recipients.  Recipients are required to obtain their medications from a KHC Participating Pharmacy, who will bill KHC directly.

Current Rules

Health and Safety Code, Chapter 42

Program Rules: Chapter 61

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Last updated May 3, 2018