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KHC Drug Claims

For KHC drug claims the BIN is 610084, the PCN is DRTXPRODKH, and the Group is KHC.  For questions regarding claims, call 1-800-222-3986. Please the KHC Client ID ready.

Texas Drug Code Formulary

The Texas Medicaid/CHIP Vendor Drug Program homepage has links to search the Texas Drug Code Formulary, search contracted KHC pharmacies, claims information, and more.

KHC Reimbursable Drug Lists

Disclaimer: This listing is intended to inform patients and providers of the drugs that are reimbursable under the Kidney Health Care (KHC). KHC makes no claims on the use, efficacy, or safety of the drugs contained in this formulary.

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Addendum to Texas Medicaid Payer sheet for KHC

Addendum to Texas Medicaid Payer Sheet for the Kidney Health Care Program (76 KB, Word)

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Last updated August 1, 2017