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Let's Read at Home! Lunch

 Let's Read at Home!

What your child eats will help make him healthy and ready to learn. The book Lunch by Denise Fleming will encourage your child to eat the fruits and vegetables he needs. By doing some of the activities below with your child you can help make the book a part of his life.

1. Read the book again with your child at home. Your local library may have the book. If it is not available, borrow another book and read it several times with your child.

2. Use the attached sheet called mouse bullet Lunch Cards.

Cut the sheet into 4 cards along the dotted lines.

Let your child put the cards into the order that the story proceeds in the book Lunch.

You can tell what each card is either by reading the description or looking at the picture.

Some children will need to read the book more than one time before they get the cards in the right order. This is fine. The important thing is that you encourage your children's efforts.

3. Let your child help you make the mouse bullet recipes featuring foods the mouse ate in Lunch.

Children can help by pouring the water or juice over the apples or putting the raisins in the center of the apples. Children can also put the carrots and turnips into the water for cooking.

4. Serve several fruits and vegetables for a lunch like the mouse had. To make the lunch even more like what the mouse ate, color a sheet of paper in black and white checks like the mouse's table cloth. Use the paper as a placemat. Even picky eaters enjoy this meal!

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Last updated January 5, 2011