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Let's Read: Bread, Bread, Bread sheet for Parents

Make the bookBread, Bread, Bread by Ann Morris a part of your child's life. You will also be teaching your child the importance of books and reading when you do these activities.

1. Read the book again. Borrow it from a local library and spend time looking at it and talking about it with your child.

2. Let your child help buy bread at the store and put it on the table for the family to eat. Talk about the book while both shopping and at home.

3. Have your child help toast bread for a sandwich. Older children can also help put the sandwich together and put it on the table. Ask your child if any bread was toasted in Bread, Bread, Bread.

4. Make muffins from a mix or using the Squash Bread recipe in this lesson. Let your child help as much as their ability allows. Look at the picture of the woman putting bread into the oven in Bread, Bread, Bread and talk about it.

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Last updated July 3, 2013