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In the June 3, 2016 edition of the Texas Register (41 TexReg 3972), pages 4-10 in the linked PDF, proposed administrative code changes were offered for public comment. These changes were to the Texas Administrative Code, Title 25. Health Services, Part 1. Department of State Health Services, Chapter 73. Laboratories (25 TAC §73.54, §73.55). The section pertains to fee schedules for clinical testing, newborn screening and chemical analysis. 

During the public comment period for this proposed code change, DSHS received comments which included feedback from March of Dimes, Texas Hospital Association, Texas Pediatric Society, Texas Medical Association, and Texas Department of Insurance. All comments concerned §73.54(a)(1)(A)(i), relating to the fee increase to the newborn screening panel. The Register said that “the commenters were not against the rules as proposed, but requested that the department play a role in communicating the fee change of the Newborn Screening Clinical Testing and Newborn Screening Specimen Collection Kits to private insurance companies.”   

In response to these comments, the department chose not to revise the proposed language. 

A section-by-section summary, major comment summaries, background and purpose of the proposed changes, and statutory authority summary, are included in the Sept. 9, 2016 edition of the Texas Register (41 TexReg 6831-7226). The unchanged rules will be effective Oct. 1, 2016.




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