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Strategic Plan

Texas Strategic Plan to Eliminate Child Lead Poisoning By 2010 (pdf)

In 2012, Medicaid began allowing point-of-care lead testing for children at doctors’ offices. The new testing procedure generated a large volume of paper records, which quickly turned into a backlog, causing delays in publishing annual data and limiting evaluation of trends. The backlog only included non-elevated reports, as elevated cases were prioritized and processed immediately. 

In September 2016, DSHS hired additional staff and updated the data processing methods to eliminate the backlog and ensure timely analysis and publication of summary statistics. To date, more than 200,000 paper records have been entered to eliminate the backlog. 

The improved database will allow for evaluation of trends and identification of high-risk areas using the appropriate geographic unit. We are currently analyzing the data and summary statistics will be available soon.

If you’d like to request data, please email the Blood Lead Surveillance Group at

Maps (pdf files)

Percentage of Texas Pre-1950 Housing by County

Percentage of Texas Children under Age 6 Living Below the Poverty Level by County

Last updated January 17, 2018