Massage Therapy Licensing Program Apply for a New License - Massage Instructor

To qualify for licensure as a massage therapy instructor, a person shall:

(1) be a licensed massage therapist;

(2) have a high school diploma, a general equivalence diploma or a transcript from an accredited college or university showing successful completion of at least 12 semester hours;

(3) submit a statement of assurance that the licensee has been engaged in the practice of massage therapy for at least one-year and has conducted 500 hours of hands-on experience (does not include internship hours). Hours accumulated while holding a provisional license can be applied to the requirements of this paragraph; and

(4) complete a 30-hour course on teaching adult learners. Courses attended may include an instructional certification program, a college level course in teaching adult learners, a continuing education course in teaching adult learners, or an advanced program approved by the department in teaching the course of instruction.

Last updated October 14, 2014