Massage Therapy Licensing Program About the Profession - Initial Consultation Required

Consultation Documentation

Licensees are required to provide an initial consultation to each client prior to the first massage session and obtain the signature of the client on a consultation document. The document must include:

  • the type of massage techniques the registrant anticipates using during the massage therapy session;
  • the parts of the client's body that will be massaged or the areas of the client's body that will be avoided during the session, including indications and contraindications;
  • a statement that the licensee shall not engage in breast massage of female clients without the written consent of the client;
  • a statement that draping will be used during the session, unless otherwise agreed to by both the client and the licensee;
  • a statement that if uncomfortable for any reason, the client may ask the licensee to cease the massage and the licensee will end the massage session; and
  • the signature of both the client and the licensee.

If the client's reason for seeking massage changes at any time and any of the information is modified, the licensee must provide an updated consultation reflecting any changes and modifications to the techniques used or the parts of the client's body to be massaged.

Massage Therapy Consultation Document

Massage Therapy Sample Consultation Document

Massage Therapy Consultation Checklist


Last updated July 2, 2015