Massage Therapy Licensing Program Massage Establishments

The following information concerns recent rule changes affecting licensed massage establishments and the practice of massage therapy in Texas.

House Bill 2644 (80th Texas Legislature, 2007) established new, specific standards for businesses which must hold a Massage Establishment license by restricting the list of businesses which are exempt and do not need to hold a license. This bill also eliminated the previous authority of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to exempt businesses by rule. The changes are effective September 1, 2007. See this Fact Sheet for more information:

The Massage Therapy Licensing Program, located in the DSHS Professional Licensing and Certification Unit, has recently received written and verbal complaints regarding the provision of massage therapy in enclosed shopping malls, specifically chair massages, by untrained and unlicensed persons. This letter was recently mailed to mall management:

Sample Complaint Sign; use of this format is not required; this sign is provided for your convenience only


Last updated June 11, 2014