Massage Therapy Licensing Program Apply for a New License - Out of State Applicants

Information on how to apply for a Texas license as a Massage Therapist
if you are currently licensed in another state

This information applies only if you hold a state-level license which is current and in good standing. This information is not designed for persons who are registered or licensed only at the city or county level, or who are moving from a state where state-level licensure is not available, or who are nationally certified by NCBTMB but do not hold a current state license. A certification is not a license.

1. Licensure is required in Texas to advertise or practice massage therapy. The licensure process generally takes 4-6 weeks, so you should apply prior to moving to Texas if possible.

2. Complete and submit the application for licensure, the required $117 fee, and a copy of your social security card.

3. With the application, submit an original transcript showing your massage therapy training. We will review the number of hours in each subject to determine if you have taken the minimum number of hours in each subject as required by Texas law. If your transcript does not list all the required subjects, but you took them as part of your coursework, please also submit a school catalog or course description to assist our staff in giving you credit for the number of hours you completed.

4. With the application, submit proof of your current license in another state (copy of license).

5. With the application, submit proof of passing either (1) a state exam which you took to receive your current state license or (2) an acceptable national examination.

6. With the application, submit proof of passing the Jurisprudence Exam.

7. Submit the completed Out of State License Verification Form. You complete the top part of the form, and your state licensing board or program completes the bottom part of the form. You may mail the form to us with your application, or the board/program may mail it directly to us. It may also be faxed to our office at: 512-834-6677 

Once your application has been approved and you have been issued a license number, you may print an online verification and begin working as a massage therapist in Texas prior to receiving your wall certificate and wallet card by mail. Here is the link for online verification:

Once licensed, you will renew your license every two years (your first licensure term will be less than two years, as your license expires in your birth month). Completion of 12 hours of continuing education is required for each renewal. 

Last updated June 11, 2014