Renew Your License - Requirements

Massage therapy licenses expire on the last day of each registrant's birth month.  licenses for massage therapy instructors, massage therapy schools, and massage therapy establishments expire on the last day of the month in which they were originally issued.  Approximately six weeks prior to the expiration date, a renewal notice is mailed to the licensed massage therapist at the last known address on file.  The form must be fully completed and postmarked with the appropriate renewal fee before the expiration date of the license to avoid late renewal fees.  A person may not engage in the practice of massage therapy with an expired license.  To do so is a Class C Misdemeanor.

Each licensee is responsible for renewing his or her license prior to the expiration date and shall not be excused from paying additional fees or penalties. Failure to receive notification from the department prior to the expiration date of the license shall not excuse failure to file for timely renewal.

The renewal fee for a two year massage therapist license is $106. Late renewal fees are $156 when renewed on or within 90 days of the expiration; $206 when renewed later than 90 days, but less than one year after expiration. Please be aware that renewals are valid for two years based on the registrant's birth month. Renewing late will not alter that renewal date.

A license that has been expired for more than one year may not be renewed.  The person must reapply, meet current license requirements, and successfully complete the Texas massage therapy examination in order to hold a license.

Renewal forms are available on our "Applications/Forms" web page in MS Word and Adobe Acrobat format.

Last updated October 14, 2014