Massage Therapy Licensing Program - Massage Schools

500 Hours Course Curriculum Outline for Massage Schools

HB 2644 requires a 500 hour training program for massage therapists and is required for persons applying for licensure who have never enrolled in massage school prior to September 1, 2007. The new curriculum is designed for persons who will apply for the current massage therapy license and is not designed to be inclusive of alternative, non-massage modalities. The curriculum includes:

  • Total hours approved will be 500 hours (formerly 300 hours)
  • Competency based curriculum
  • Outline for the new content areas
  • Outline for expanded number of hours in existing content areas
  • Updates and wording changes
  • No change to 50 hour maximum for internship

500 Hour Course Curriculum Outline

Notice to Licensed Massage Schools - August 31, 2007

Notice to Massage Schools - January 10, 2008



Last updated February 10, 2011