Massage Therapy Licensing Program FAQs - Other Massage Services

Can I perform waxing services under my massage license if I am properly trained?
No. Waxing is the practice of cosmetology and you must have a license from TDLR.

I want to provide body sugaring services. Can I do this under my massage license?
No. TDLR has determined that body sugaring constitutes the practice of cosmetology.

May I perform body wraps under my massage therapist license?
Body wraps do not require a license in Texas.

I want to provide facials. May I do so under my massage therapist license?
Yes. However, you may not advertise that you can offer cosmetology services - you cannot offer to 'beautify' the face, nor can you use any equipment or chemicals that require a cosmetology license from TDLR. The TDLR website is:

Do reflexologists have to have a massage license to practice reflexology?
Reflexology of the hands and feet only (no massage therapy performed and no advertising that uses the word 'massage' or any other word protected by our law) does not require a license in Texas.

What is reflexology?
The Massage Therapy Licensing Program has historically held that reflexology is not the practice of massage therapy, when defined as follows:

Energy work on the hands and feet only which involves holding or touching on the energy points. It does not involve manipulating soft tissue, stroking, rubbing, tapping, stretching, bathing, scrubbing, or the use of oils or lotions. The person cannot touch any other part of the body (e.g. cannot start rubbing the ankles as part of foot reflexology).

The person performing reflexology must also not represent that he or she is a massage therapist or use any of the other protected terms in the statute.

Does a salon always need a massage establishment license in order to offer massage therapy services?
No. If only one massage therapist ever works in a salon and all advertising is done including the therapist's MT license number or full name, that salon location would fall under the solo practitioner exemption just like a massage therapist's private office. Otherwise yes, a massage establishment license is required.

Can I provide “bodyscaping” services as a massage therapist?
No. Hair removal requires a separate license. The following links may be helpful:

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation:

Cosmetology – waxing
Barbering – shaving

Texas Department of State Health Services:

Laser Hair Removal – facilities and individuals









Last updated September 24, 2012