Local Planning and Network Development TRR Service Requirements and Other Standards

All providers must comply with Texas Resilience and Recovery (TRR) standards. Information on TRR may be found at the following:

  • TRR Overview
    This page provides an overview of TRR, including links to related resources.

  • Mental Health Community Services Standards
    The Texas Administrative Code, Title 15, Part I, Chapter 12, Subchapter G describes performance requirements for the provision of mental health community services for local mental health authorities, Medicaid managed care organizations, and providers, and providers of rehabilitative services and service coordination that are reimbursed by Medicaid.

  • Utilization Management (UM) Guidelines and Manual
    The UM Manual is a document that provides a resource for technical assistance to LMHAs/LBHAs to develop and monitor their local UM Programs and UM Processes.

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Last updated November 10, 2017