Local Planning and Network Development Training Materials

2012 Update

  1. LMHAs will be revising their existing plans (developed in 2010) during this planning cycle. Because stakeholders participated in the initial development of the local plans, LMHAs are not required to obtain additional community input before drafting their plan revisions.  They are, however, required to solicit stakeholder comment on their proposed plan revisions for at least 14 days before submitting a final revised plan to DSHS. 
  2. LMHAs will be conducting a new assessment of provider availability for 2012 and revising their procurement plans and explanations accordingly. 
  3. LMHAs will not be divided into three cohorts. The planning period for all LMHAs begins on March 1, 2012 and plans must be submitted to DSHS by October 1, 2012.
  4. Private providers who are interested in contracting with LMHAs should submit their Provider Inquiry Forms as early as possible in the planning cycle.  A new Provider Inquiry Form must be submitted in each planning cycle.  For more information, please refer to Local Planning and Network Development Information For Potential Providers
  5. The template requires LMHAs to establish an implementation schedule. DSHS has not established target dates for initiating and completing procurement, but we anticipate that new providers could initiate services at the beginning of FY 2014.

For more information, please send an email to LPND@dshs.state.tx.us

Initial Online Training (2008)

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2008 LMHA Staff Training

Web-based training for LMHA staff was developed through a collaborative effort between DSHS, LMHA staff and community stakeholders. This training provides information to help LMHAs implement the new rule regarding Planning and Local Development.

  • Module 1: Strengthening Local Control and Consumer Choice (2008)
    • This module covers development and implementation of the Local Service Area Plan, which includes the Network Development Plan, and explains how the provisions of the rule are applied.
  • Module 2: Template for the Local Service Area Plan (2008)
    • The second module is targeted to LMHA staff responsible for developing the Local Service Area Plan, and provides a step by step procedure for completing the required template.

2008 Private Provider Training
Module 5: Training for Private Providers

This training is designed to give private service providers information about participating in the state’s public mental health treatment service system. It includes key provisions that govern local planning and network development, information about how to join provider networks, and an overview of how consumers will select their providers. Perhaps most importantly, it explains how private providers can have a voice in determining how network expansion is implemented on the local level.

Consumer Training
Module 3: You Have a Voice!

This module is intended to provide a general overview of the local mental health planning process and to explain why a network of mental health service providers, separate from the community mental health center, must be developed. This training is intended for a general audience, possibly including consumers, family members, and other interested individuals and will provide a brief overview of possible changes to how mental health services are delivered and how an interested individual can be a part of the process.

Training for Officials
Module 4: Training for Local Public Officials

This presentation was developed to provide local public and elected officials with an opportunity to learn or learn more about changes in the way mental health services are provided in Texas. More importantly, it is an intended share and discuss ways that local officials and constituents can have a voice in this planning process.

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