Admission Information

The Big Spring State Hospital Admissions office, located just inside the south entrance to the hospital, 1901 N. Highway 87, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People seeking services at Big Spring State Hospital are seen by a number of hospital workers, including physicians, nurses, admissions staff and mental health workers..

When patients are presented for admission, Big Spring State Hospital physicians communicate with referring physicians or other qualified medical personnel regarding the patient's placement. The patient is evaluated to determine the need for treatment and medical stability. Each newly admitted patient is given an individualized treatment plan and assigned a unit for the duration of their care. Nurses work in cooperation with attending physicians taking medical history, performing necessary examinations and communicating with other members of the admitting team.

The booklets, "Your Rights in Facilities of Department of State Health Services" and a Big Spring State Hospital patient orientation manuscript is given to each new patient. Patients' belongings are examined to ensure the patients' safety, and if, appropriate, are either sent to the unit with the patient or put in storage for safekeeping. Mental Health Workers make appropriate introductions of the patient to other employees and their peers and also orient them to the unit.

Admissions Services Staff members assess the patient's language needs and determine the need for an interpreter if necessary. An explanation of hospital services and patient rights is provided, as are patient and family responsibilities.

Admissions workers also communicate directly with the Mental Health Authority of the prospective patient and other appropriate entities. Mental Health Authorities manage the care of patients in their local service areas and direct, operate, facilitate or coordinate services to people with mental illness, including individuals served by private providers.

The Mental Health Authority decides who is admitted to Big Spring State Hospital. Big Spring State Hospital works with six Mental Health Authorities, including West Texas Centers for MHMR, Betty Hardwick Center, Central Plains Center, MHMR Services for the Concho Valley, Lubbock Regional MHMR Center and Permian Basin Community Centers for MHMR.

If a patient presents him or herself for admission without being first seen by their Mental Health Authority, Big Spring State Hospital will conduct an emergency screening, in compliance with EMTALA and will establish communications with the Mental Health Authority. The admitting physician will decide whether the patient should be admitted.

Mental Health Authorities screen anyone who requests to be voluntarily admitted to ensure that hospitalization is the least respective environment in which treatment can be offered. People are not turned away from voluntary admissions without first thorough documentation and an appropriate referral, as recommended by the screening physician.

Big Spring State Hospital evaluates patients sent to the hospital through the court commitment process. A person will be involuntarily admitted, if they are a danger to themselves or to others.

If you are seeking information about admission to Big Spring State Hospital, or are in need of additional information regarding admission, please contact:

(432) 267-8216
Last updated February 21, 2018