Big Spring State Hospital Contact Information

Big Spring State Hospital Contact Information  





Superintendent  Lorie Dunnam, M.A. (432)268-7222
Assistant to the Superintendent Claudene Cooper (432)268-7222
Assistant Superintendent    Traci Phillips, M.S. (432)268-7300
Clinical Director Guido Spangher, M.D. (432)268-7563
Chief Financial Officer Adrienne Campbell              (432)268-7294
Chief Nurse Executive Stormy Ward, MSN, RN.C (432)268-7617
Public Information Coordinator Valerie Avery, M.Ed.           (432)816-9257
Director of Activity Therapies Lori Huitt (432)268-7275
Director of Clinical Programs Robin Riha, LMSW-ACP (432)268-7396
Director of Community Relation Dee Lindsey (432)268-7535
Director of Facilities Marilyn Clark, M.A. (432)268-7359
Director of Information Management Elizabeth Correa   (432)268-7400
Job Requisition Coordinator Cynthia Billalba   (432)268-7341
Patient Rights Officer/Program Administrator KayLynn Epperson, MS (432)268-7639
Director of Planning/Development George Oteiza (432)268-7493
Director of Quality Management Cindy Sturdivant, BSN, RN, BC (432)268-7386
Director of Security/Safety Officer/Risk Manager Brianne Rich (432)268-7389
Director of Social Work Services Robin Riha, LMSW-ACP (432)268-7396
Director of Special Programs Sandy Brooks (432)268-7229

Last updated April 17, 2017