Photos from Big Spring State Hospital

Campus Photos

Administration Building (JPG 143K)

ATD (JPG 102K) - Activity Therapies Building atrium

Barber (JPG 114K) - Patient barber

2007 Cars and Stars Fund-raiser for Volunteer Services Council (JPG 78K)

Chalet (JPG 97K)

Chapel (JPG 157K)

Fashion Shop (JPG 92K) - Fashion Shop for Patients

Gazebo (JPG 133K)

Greenhouse: (JPG 103K) - Therapist Raymond Ontiveros tends to many of the flowers grown by the patients in the hospital's greenhouse.

Newsom Lodge (JPG 54K) - Interior photo 1

Newsom Lodge (JPG 56K) - Interior photo 2

Newsom Lodge (JPG 59K) - Interior photo 3

Newsom Lodge (JPG 91K) - Don and Marilyn Newsom Family Lodge Open House

Outside ATD (JPG 148K) - Outside Activity Therapies Department Atrium

Outside Dorm (JPG 119K) - Outside Patient Dorms - courtyards

Patient Quilt (JPG 119K) - Josh Preston unveils a paper quilt hand-made by hospital patients, which displays outlines of their hands.

Pet Therapy (JPG 86K)


Employee Awards

2007 Big Spring State Hospital Commendation Award winners (JPG 63K)

2007 Jack Y. Smith Award (JPG 59K)


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