Goals, Mission and Vision

Kerrville State Hospital

Providing Specialized Forensic Psychiatric Services


Recovery Through Partnership


 A Community of Acceptance, Understanding, and Healing


  • Hope - Believing that recovery is possible is one of the first steps toward making the journey. With Hope, a pathway toward Recovery exists. We embrace a sense of never-ending, abundant hope for recovery for all.

  • Individuality - We encourage those we serve and staff to accept one another as individuals, because we believe that success and recovery can come from that acceptance and mutual respect. We celebrate our uniqueness, diversity and sharing of individual thought, culture, and creativity.

  • Collaboration - Strength, achievement, agreement, and satisfaction all spring from a feeling of togetherness, which is present through a spirit of common purpose, in a collaborative environment that propels that common purpose. This cooperative environment includes individuals, teams, and internal and external communities.

  • Empowerment - All of us feel free to do our work, to speak openly, to share our talents, and to express different ideas and opinions, without unnecessary encumbrance or limitations. We all can truly make great contributions toward our mission and vision through this sense of freedom.

  • Growth - We can only improve ourselves and our world around us, by learning from our mistakes, embracing new ideas and processes, celebrating successes of ourselves and others, and continually educating ourselves. Growth in this way leads to a more full life and feeling of self-worth.
Last updated January 5, 2016