Services Offered

Kerrville State Hospital provides care for persons with major mental illnesses who need the safety, structure, and resources of an in-patient setting. Length of stay varies with the individualized need of each patient.

Team Treatment
Treatment is provided through a team concept with an individualized treatment plan is developed for each patient. Treatment objectives are keyed to resolution of specific problems in achievement of goals to enable a patient to function in the least restrictive environment or to participate in their due process.

Each patient's team is comprised of the disciplines and people necessary to address the treatment goals and methods of treatment. The patient and, whenever possible, a family member or guardian are present at all team meetings.

Additional services:
Psychosocial rehabilitation / patient education: Classes and activities to promote independence/recovery and assist with gaining and regaining skills necessary to be discharged from the hospital are the mission of this treatment program. Patients are scheduled once or twice a week for a variety of interventions like medication education, stress management, self-help skills, etc.

Vocational Rehabilitation Program: The Vocational Rehabilitation Program is designed to assist patients in developing or continuing to improve and utilize employment skills. The patients may work in various jobs which include the following: housekeeping, groundskeeping, laundry services, clerical, recycling, food service and gardening.

Legal competency: In addition to the basic core services, legal competency training preparing patients for hearings and trials is available to patients on a criminal commitment. Specialized court assessments are done on a regular basis to evaluate the progress of these individuals.

Co-occurring psychiatric and substance disorder services: Every patient is screened on admission for a history of substance use and then referred to educational classes if necessary. AA Orientation, Substance Abuse Education, Good Chemistry and process group therapy are provided for patients who require these interventions.

Spanish Language Interpretation Team (SLIT): Trained Spanish-language interpreters are available at all times to ensure effective communication with Spanish-speaking patients and their families.

Chapel: Chapel services and chaplaincy services are provided to meet the spiritual needs of each patient. Rehab activities: Rehab activities are provided seven days a week including evening and holidays for leisure, recreational and social purposes. Each treatment unit has a therapy room for arts/crafts, games and music.

Family Lodge: Family members are welcome to use the overnight facility located on the KSH campus. There is no charge to visitors using the lodge

Family Education: Family education is conducted as needed by appointment with a Nurse Educator. A Family Support Group is held monthly on the first Saturday with an educational program and a support group time.

Last updated June 20, 2014