Vocational Services

North Texas State Hospital Vocational Services
Wichita Falls Campus

Vocational Services offers Individuals from NTSH an on-campus workshop and the opportunity to work in community based settings.


A total of 91 tons was recycled in 2006, which conserved the following resources:

  • 1547 - trees
  • 637,000 - gallons of water
  • 5460 - lbs of air pollution
  • 373,100 - kw hrs of electricity
  • 273 - cu yd of landfill

Lawn Services

  • Negotiated on size of property

Janitorial Services

  • Can include basic cleaning, high/low dusting and stripping/waxing
  • Negotiated on building footage

If you are interested in discussing possible contract opportunities, please contact

  • Mary Velez
    Director, NTSH Wichita Falls campus Vocational Services
    (940) 689-5653


North Texas State Hospital Vocational Services
Vernon Campus

Vocational Services offers Individuals from NTSH an on-campus workshop. Due to the nature of the treatment program, off-campus employment is not possible, but real-world work experiences are simulated within the secured setting.

Current products and services include:

Horticultural Products

  • Bedding Plants (seasonal)
  • Nursery Stock
  • Baskets
  • Foliage Plants
  • Decorative Pot Covers (burlap)
  • Plant Rental

Plants are sold to hospital staff, Vernon and surrounding area residents, and local businesses. Prices are comparable to area plant businesses, but will vary according to market demands. (Pricing of all workshop items are based upon material and labor costs plus minimal markup.)

Upholstery Products

  • NTSH furniture/vehicle seats/misc. upholstery projects
  • Vinyl Bags (bank bags, tote bags, pen bags etc.)

Upholstery repairs are made to NTSH furniture and other items as requested. Vinyl bank bags are custom made and screen printed in our workshops for local bank contracts. Other vinyl bags are made for local organizations, businesses, schools, individuals etc.

Screen Printing

  • Shirts
  • Caps
  • Jackets
  • Banners
  • Vinyl Bags

Screen printed items are custom printed for hospital and staff projects, area organizations, businesses, reunions, schools, sports activities, individuals etc.

Recycling Projects

  • Paper sorting and shredding

Currently handling Vernon campus confidential papers. Sale of paper is through W.F. workshop contract.

Framing and Matting

  • Pictures
  • Certificates

As orders are placed, items are matted and framed for hospital projects as well as individual projects.

With all products, our priority is to provide therapeutic work opportunities for our clients. Customized pricing is determined by material cost, plus labor cost, plus minimal markup.

For more information on Vernon campus products, please contact:

  • Chancey Puckett
    Director of Rehabilitation Therapies NTSH Vernon campus
    (940) 552-4235
Last updated April 8, 2011