Rio Grande State Center (RGSC) Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

To provide effective health care and support services for all persons served.

To accomplish our mission Rio Grande State Center will:

  • Advocate for quality care and safeguard the rights of those we serve;
  • Provide and build a safe environment
  • Promote leadership in public health, mental health, and intellectual disabilities through community education;
  • Exceed in performance measures to maintain Joint Commission and ICF-MR accreditation and Medicare certification;
  • Recruit and retain a qualified and diverse workforce;
  • Use cost effective fiscal measures.

Rio Grande State Center Vision Statement

In partnership with the community, Rio Grande State Center will provide exemplary leadership in order to meet the well-being and health needs of individuals served.

Rio Grande State Center Philosophy

South Texans deserve access to healthcare, mental health, and intellectual disability services that protect and promote good health and well-being.  We are dedicated to providing individualized services that are necessary and cost effective.  Continuous improvement in the quality of our services is achieved by working in partnership with consumers, family members, volunteers, policy makers and service providers.

Additionally, we hold these Guiding Values:

  • RESPECT - Embracing values and ideas held important by others ensures effective and appropriate delivery of care.
  • INTEGRITY - Adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards instills confidence in the people we serve.
  • TEAMWORK -   Teamwork is fundamental to our success.
  • LEADERSHIP – “Creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen will lead to” . . .  making decisions that benefit the greatest number of consumers and the organization.

Rio Grande State Center Goals

  • Provide effective leadership.
  • Respect each individuals rights and cultural diversities through ethical practices.
  • Provide individualized and evidence-based treatment.
  • Implement a safe and effective Medication Management System that improves quality of care, treatment and services.
  • Assure continuum of care of all services provided.
  • Maintain a safe, functional, and aesthetic environment
  • Promote integration of primary and behavioral health services.
  • Manage and secure all information effectively for the purpose of enhancing organizational performance.
  • Maintain a competent workforce through continuous training.
  • Meet and exceed state and federal standards.
  • Promote an effective Infection Control Program.
  • Maintain and advocate for assets to improve the physical and technological infrastructure.
  • Promote access to public health education and services.
  • Achieve a Restraint/Seclusion-free environment
  • Nurture and support a unified culture which promotes employee health, well-being and productivity.
  • Deliver excellent internal and external customer service!
Last updated October 15, 2013