Rio Grande State Center (RGSC) Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

To improve health and well-being in South Texas through safe, innovative, integrated healthcare and support services.

    Rio Grande State Center Vision Statement

    Health and independence for the communities we serve.

    Rio Grande State Center Philosophy

    South Texans deserve access to healthcare, mental health, and intellectual disability services that protect and promote good health and well-being.  We are dedicated to providing individualized services that are necessary and cost effective.  Continuous improvement in the quality of our services is achieved by working in partnership with consumers, family members, volunteers, policy makers and service providers.

    Additionally, we hold these Guiding Values:

    People Matter – Respecting values and ideas held important by others.
    Resilience – Fostering strength and sustainability to empower those we serve.
    Leadership – Inspiring and guiding people to achieve and excel. 
    Teamwork – Teamwork is fundamental to our success.
    Accountability – Adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards instills confidence in the people we serve. 

      Rio Grande State Center Goals

      • Provide compassionate and appropriate care;
      • Provide leadership which nurtures a unified workplace;
      • Maintain a quality, cost-effective service delivery system;
      • Support individuals served in achieving their personal goals;
      • Respect each individual’s rights and ensure safety;
      • Provide safe, integrated, individualized, and evidence-based care;
      • Build and sustain effective community partnerships to maximize service delivery;
      • Assure continuum of care within and across all delivery systems to promote positive outcomes;
      • Protect consumers by maintaining a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment;
      • Manage information for the purpose of enhancing service delivery;
      • Maintain a competent and healthy workforce;
      • Continue an effective infection control and prevention program;
      • Promote active collaboration and open communication across the organization. 
      Last updated January 18, 2017