Rio Grande State Center (RGSC) Vocational Services

The RGSC Vocational Services department provides services to the individuals who live on the RGSC campus. The benefits of providing services on campus include:  

  1. Increased active treatment
  2. An opportunity to really individualize work schedules because we are here on campus. 
  3. Gives all interdisciplinary team members more opportunities to monitor the activities of the residents and develop a more successful program
  4. Residents are learning the most fundamental areas of work like reporting to work, to more advanced learning like filling out a timesheet.
  5. Will increase ongoing vocational training in areas like time and attendance, filling out timesheets, and learning how to stay on task for any length of time.
  6. Dining is on campus making staff better able to monitor adaptive equipment and diet textures as the kitchen is on campus.
  7. The residents have  the opportunity and option to walk to work and enjoy the outdoors and exercise during nice weather. This contributes to weight maintenance and overall health.
  8. Individuals have increased independence by walking to work independently whey they choose, affording increased choices in work schedules.
  9. The Vocational Services Program also provides the following programs:
    1. Retirement Program where they assist individuals who choose to transition to a more relaxed lifestyle
    2. Activities of Daily Living Program where they assist individuals to prepare for transition to community living.
    3. Physical Fitness

The Vocational Services Program provides services to about 70 consumers who live in the homes on campus.  

Vocational Services offers the individuals many employment opportunities in the areas of:

  • Shredding  
  • Contracted Services  
  • Gravel Bagging  

Current contracts include:

  • Department of State Health Services (Shredding)   
  • Southwestern Bell

If you are interested in discussing possible contract opportunities, please contact:

Myrna Wolfe
ICF-IID Director (Interim)

Last updated January 18, 2017