HHSC has designated a Mental Health Authority (MHA) for every local service area in Texas. These MHAs are designated to facilitate services to mentally ill persons at the local level. MHAs are charged with the responsibility of effecting continuity of services for patients from their service area.

Individuals seeking admission to the hospital are first screened by the appropriate MHA to determine the least restrictive treatment environment. This includes individuals served by private providers. Pertinent information is communicated by the MHA to the facility including patient identifying information, legal status, medical and medication information, behavioral data, and other treatment information. The Admissions Department evaluates all patients who arrive at the facility. Criteria for involuntary admission include:

  1. the presence of symptoms of mental illness and,
  2. the need for treatment for the welfare and protection of the patient or the protection of others

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Last updated September 14, 2017