Contact Information

San Antonio State Hospital
6711 South New Braunfels
Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78223-3006

Main Number: 210-532-8811
Admissions: 210-531-7831


San Antonio State Hospital Staff Contact Information

Bob Arizpe

Superintendent 210-531-7711

Valerie Kroll

Assistant to Superintendent 210-531-7711

Chris Stanush

Assistant Superintendent 210-531-7985

Glenda Armstrong Huff

Assistant Superintendent 210-531-7726

David Gonzalez, M.D.

Clinical Director 210-531-7716

Grace Villarreal

Assistant to Clinical Director 210-531-7716

Maria D. C. Ostrander, RN, MSN

Chief Nurse Executive 210-531-7775

Michael Davila

Assistant to Chief Nurse Executive 210-531-7772

Frances Wise

Director, Quality Management 210-531-8089

Bennie Perez

Assistant to Director, Quality Management 210-531-8090

Veronica Acevedo

Director, Information Management 210-531-8159

Stephanie Weimer

Interim Director, Community Relations
Public Information Officer 210-531-8130

Greg Lockhart

Director, Patient Services and Rights Protection 210-531-7993
Last updated June 16, 2016