San Antonio State Hospital Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of San Antonio State Hospital (SASH) is to provide quality psychiatric services to individuals admitted to our programs, that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of individuals served and their families, and to ensure a competent and diverse workforce. SASH shall accomplish this mission by making sure the needs of patients and other customers are identified. being a strong advocate for patient and staff needs, delivering appropriate and relevant inpatient psychiatric services that meet patient and Local Mental Health Authority needs, implementing an approved hospital Management Plan and a hospital Performance Improvement Plan, obtaining and maintaining Joint Commission accreditation, Medicare certification, and CPI compliance, maintaining a qualified, culturally competent and diverse workforce to provide these services.

We shall treat each patient of the hospital with a comprehensive, individualized treatment program that enhances the patient's ability to function successfully in the community and expeditiously place each patient in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment possible. We shall provide the highest quality mental health and medical services in a safe and humane environment with absolute respect of the patient's rights. We shall cooperate with all Local Mental Health Authorities who admit patients to SASH, in continuity of care and delivery of inpatient services. We shall serve people from its geographic catchment area who cannot successfully function in their community. This mission shall be accomplished in the most effective, cost-beneficial manner possible, and be conducted in accordance with the Laws of the United States and Texas, and the Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC) and Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Departmental Rules.


As a hospital of DSHS, SASH will be a partnership of consumers, family members, policy makers and service providers that works together to provide quality psychiatric services that are responsive to each patient's needs and preferences. We will be recognized as providing quality service, training, and work environment.


Individual Worth

We affirm that the individuals we serve share with us common needs, rights, desires and strengths. We celebrate cultural diversity and individual uniqueness and commit ourselves to support and enable each person's choices and preferences.


We commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.


We believe that personal and professional integrity and ethical behavior is the basis of public trust.


We take pride in commitment to public service and to the support of the people we are privileged to serve.


We are committed to developing an environment which inspires and promotes innovation, fosters dynamic leadership and rewards creativity among our staff, volunteers and the people we serve.


We believe that our vision and values are best realized by individuals working in teams.

Last updated April 8, 2011