Terrell State Hospital Admission Process

The Assessment Process

When you first arrive at Terrell State Hospital, you will be greeted at the Admissions Office by a friendly group of staff members. These staff are well trained to address language and cultural issues as well as special needs such as those of the visually impaired or hearing impaired.

The psychiatrist will meet with you and discuss your reasons for coming to the hospital at this time. He or she will also gather background information from you and others regarding the nature of the problems you are experiencing. Should you need to be hospitalized, the psychiatrist will prepare admission paperwork for you to go to one of the treatment units at the hospital.

One of the admission staff will then go with you to the unit and introduce you to the various staff that will be working with you and show you where you will be staying. The ward staff will also gather some additional information about you that will help them and the treatment team develop a plan of treatment that best addresses your particular needs.

In addition to the psychiatric evaluation, another doctor will conduct a physical examination. You will also receive evaluations from nursing, social services, pastoral care, and in some cases specialized psychological testing. As the staff continue to gather information about you, additional tests will be conducted such as the TB skin test, any necessary laboratory tests, and sometimes, EKG or EEG diagnostic tests. You may also receive a dental assessment if needed within the first month at the hospital. If additional special consultations are required from other medical specialties, then you will receive them as well.

When you allow the social service staff to do so, they will make efforts to meet with family members or significant others to engage their support in your treatment process.

It is our goal for you will receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to best determine the most appropriate plan of treatment to help you towards recovery.

Admission Coordinator

Sharon Zajic, RN

Last updated April 27, 2011