Terrell State Hospital Community Relations

Areas of Responsibility

The Community Relations Department at Terrell State Hospital has three areas of responsibility:

  • Volunteer Services
  • Public Information/Community Education
  • Fundraising

Volunteer Services

The Volunteer component is to provide services and items that the state cannot supply by law or by limitation of funds. Clothing, personal grooming items, reading materials, and other items are provided to make life more pleasant.

The Volunteer Services Council (VSC) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization (501[c][3]) which provides support to the hospital through community education and solicitation of goods, services and funds for projects which benefit patient services. The executive committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month to review requests from hospital staff. The relationship of this organization to the hospital is defined via a Memorandum of Understanding which is renewed annually. The Director of Community Relations serves as the liaison between the hospital and the VSC.

Volunteers serve on the Institutional Review Board and the Wildwood Cemetery Association.

Public Information/Community Education

The department acts as a liaison between the hospital and the communities it serves. Communication between the hospital, the communities, and the media is facilitated through the Community Relations Department.

Group tours of the facility are coordinated through the department, although the department is not staffed to allow individual tours.

The Heritage Museum is located in the Community Relations Department. It contains furnishings and memorabilia from the early hospital days and is open during regular working hours for viewing.


The VSC has the responsibility for raising funds on behalf of campus programs for needs of persons served, employee projects, and enhanced operations. They have raised funds to build the Winton Gable All Faiths Chapel, buildings at Lake Tawakoni and Wildwood Cemetery, and to furnish the Martha Allen Family Center. Contributions may be sent to Volunteer Services Council for Terrell State Hospital, PO Box 70, Terrell, TX 75160. Contributions may be undesignated or designated for a specific program or service.

Last updated April 2, 2010