Wildwood Cemetery

History abounds at Wildwood Cemetery. The first burial at Wildwood Cemetery was in 1885, just 3 months after the first patient was admitted to Terrell State Hospital. Approximately 3,600 people have been buried on the grounds of the cemetery since Terrell State Hospital opened.

Wildwood Cemetery Association was established in the mid 1990's by Beatrice Butler, CEO of Terrell State Hospital. The mission of the Association is to maintain and improve the burial grounds on the property of Terrell State Hospital. Researching, landscaping, and fundraising are some of the ongoing projects of the Wildwood Cemetery Association.

The Wildwood Cemetery Association, in conjunction with the Terrell State Hospital Volunteer Services Council, is currently raising funds for the "Numbers to Names" Campaign. For further information please click on the following to see the complete brochure.


For further inquiries about the Wildwood Cemetery, contact Cheryl Delgadillo.

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Last updated April 2, 2010