Waco Center for Youth Community Relations

The mission of Waco Center for Youth is "to give each youth a chance for change." The Community Relations Department helps to accomplish this mission by channeling community resources to meet the needs of the clients and the Center. Both services from volunteers and material donations are encouraged. Services of the Community Relations Office include:

  • Volunteers

  • Donations

  • Special Events

  • Public Information/Focus Newsletter

  • Volunteer Services Council

To volunteer, make donations, or learn more about the Center and its programs and activities, contact:
Community Relations
3501 N. 19th
Waco, Texas 76708
phone: (254) 745-5173
fax: (254) 745-5369

Volunteer Services Council

The Volunteer Services Council is a chartered, non-profit organization, which works for the betterment of the youth at Waco Center for Youth. The mission of the VSC is to give each youth a chance for change through direct or indirect contributions. It provides:

  • Goods, services, and personal attention for youths beyond the care and treatment provided by the State.

  • Represents the facility in the community by informing the community of the facility's goals.

  • Acts as a policy-making body on request for community assistance.

  • Represents the community at the facility and interacts with facility staff members.

  • Accepts all donations.

Contributions to the Council are used to benefit the youth directly. Membership in the Council is open to anyone interested in the welfare of the youth served by the Center.

To make donations, call (254) 745-5174 or bring your donations to:
Waco Center for Youth
Community Relations Department
3501 N. 19th
Waco, Texas 76708

Last updated May 7, 2014