Goals, Mission and Vision


“To Give Each Youth A Chance for Change”

The mission for Waco Center for Youth is, “To give each youth a chance for change.” Young people, ages 13-17, who have exhausted available community treatment resources, are referred to us through local mental health authorities from throughout the state of Texas. It is our responsibility to provide a long-term treatment environment that supports behavior change. To explain our mission we focus on a set of explanatory phrases associated with each letter in the word chance. We cannot guarantee change, but we can promise to provide the chance.

Changing behaviors: Young people are referred to us with the expectation that certain behaviors, which are of concern to people in the community, will change as a result of the treatment intervention at Waco Center.

Habilitation focused: Much of our treatment effort is centered on the development of new social skills that the young person will need to function in today's world.

Achieving goals: An individualized treatment plan is developed for each youth based on goals or targets centered around the behaviors of concern that led to the referral. The treatment plan is developed within ten (10) days of admission and is reviewed at periodic intervals throughout the person's stay.

New beginning: Most clients come to us with an extensive history of multiple treatment interventions that have not achieved the desired results. While we acknowledge their past, it is our intent to provide a fresh start with each youth in this treatment environment.

Community involvement: Achievement of behavioral change within the treatment environment is only part of the task. Newly acquired skills have to be tested in a community environment. We provide the youth with opportunities to do so through interaction with volunteers who come to the facility, trips into the community for a variety of reasons, and interactions with their families at the facility or on scheduled therapeutic home visits.

Education emphasis: Most youth come to us functioning 2-3 grade levels below where you would expect based on their chronological age. We provide a special education classroom experience for all on campus. This is through an arrangement with Axtell ISD that operates under the rules of the Texas Education Agency. During employee orientation, we train new employees to our mission, and ask that they commit themselves to act upon it through their daily work behaviors.

Values of Waco Center for Youth

The staff of the Waco Center for Youth hold the following as valued principles:

Individual Worth – We believe that all individuals share with us common human needs, strengths, desires and rights. We celebrate our cultural and individual diversity.

  • We believe that youth are society's hope for the future.

  • We believe our fellow employees are our most valuable resource.

  • We believe that our work environment reflects mutual respect for the dignity and value of all employees.

Team Worth – We believe that quality of service is achieved through skilled teams.

Integrity – We believe that the public trust is best served by efficiency, effectiveness, and honesty in all our work.

Dedication – We commit ourselves to public service by serving persons who cannot be served in other, less restrictive settings.

Innovation – We believe that we must develop an environment that fosters creativity and risk-taking in the pursuit of excellence.

Last updated May 7, 2014