A Look at Waco Center for Youth

Waco Center for Youth is located in North Waco on a tree shaded property that includes cottage style housing, a dining hall, game room, classroom building, gymnasium, recreation areas, swimming pool, horse stables and arena.

The cottages, named after Texas rivers, include Bosque, Brazos, Red River North and South, Rio Grande and Trinity.

Administration Building (jpg 71k)

Bosque Unit (jpg 82k)

Brazos Unit (jpg 105k)

Cafeteria – Exterior (jpg 77k)

Cafeteria – Interior (jpg 74k)

Campus Game Room (jpg 65k)

Gym (jpg 69k)

Gym and Training Department (jpg 66k)

Horse Barn (jpg 61k)

Horse Barn and Pasture (jpg 47k)

Horse Stables (jpg 91k)

Main Street (jpg 81k)

Pavillion (jpg 64k)

Pecos Unit (jpg 109k)

WCY Main Sign (jpg 81k)

Red River Unit (jpg 63k)

Rio Grande Unit (jpg 107k)

School Building 510 (jpg 101k)

School Building 503, Library (jpg 96k)

Swimming Pool (jpg 81k)

Trinity Unit (jpg 89k)

Last updated February 23, 2017