Waco Center for Youth Visitor Information


  • The Community Relations Department is available to conduct general information tours of the center.

  • Family members and professionals requesting tours for the sake of admission decisions are referred to the Admissions Coordinator.

  • Tours are conducted as needed on flexible schedules (day and evening/weekday and weekend).

  • Tour groups range in size and diversity.

  • The average tour takes two hours and includes a brief discussion about the center and mental illness/emotional disturbance, and includes a general campus tour.

  • Tour members are briefed on the importance of clients' rights to privacy/confidentiality, and are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement, which is kept on file at Community Relations.

  • Community Relations calls each client program area the tour will be visiting to determine the feasibility of a tour entering the area at that time, and to allow cottage/program staff time to alert clients of the tour.

  • Community Relations weighs the benefits of tours (public gaining a better understanding of mental illness/emotional disturbance, etc.) against the potential costs of disrupting the clients' therapeutic environment.
Last updated March 23, 2010