Mental Health Rules and Statutes$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=5&ti=25&pt=1&ch=416&sch=B&rl=Yhttp://The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is governed by laws and rules that are designed to improve the quality and efficiency of public and private services and supports for Texans with mental illnesses.

Texas Register

A weekly publication that serves as the notice bulletin of state agency rulemaking. The Texas Register contains emergency, proposed, and adopted rules; notices of withdrawn and repealed rules; notices of rule review and other information submitted by state agencies for publication.  Previous versions of rules are also available here.

Obtaining Exhibits

Some exhibits are available electronically from the Office of Consumer Services and Rights Protection ("Rights Office") such as those related to rights and charges for services. To obtain copies of other exhibits that are not included with the text of the rule or from the Rights Office, email the mental health policy specialist.

Texas Administrative Code (TAC)

To learn about the mental health rules promulgated by the Texas Department of State Health Services you can review 25 TAC Part 1, Chapters 401 through 420 via the Texas Secretary of State's website.

Printing Subchapters

An entire subchapter can be printed if Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), version 4.0 or higher, is the user's browser. For example, to print a subchapter using this version of MSIE, select the print option from the pull down menu while viewing the page that lists the sections in the subchapter. Select the “Option” tab. Check the box "PRINT ALL LINKED FILES." Click “Apply” and “Print.” The sections many not print in order.


Mental health rules promulgated by DSHS include the following:

Last updated November 8, 2016