Housing and Health Services Coordination Council (HHSCC)


The Housing and Health Services Coordination Council (HHSCC) was created by Senate Bill 1878 during the 81st Texas Legislative Session. The purpose of this Council, as written in the statute, is to increase state efforts to offer service-enriched housing through increased coordination of housing and health services. The Council seeks to improve interagency understanding of housing and services and increase the number of staff in state housing and state health services agencies that are conversant in both housing and health care policies. You may learn more about the Council by visiting the Council web page hosted by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

The Housing and Health Services Coordination Council State Agency Reference Guide and Training Manual

In order to cross-educate state housing and health services staff and further interagency coordination, the Council has published a Texas State Agency Reference Guide. The purpose of the Guide is to address the need for standardized educational resource materials, to be shared amongst State housing and health services agencies, to train relevant agency staff members and increase expertise in both housing and health services programs.

The Reference Guide provides valuable information on those state housing and health services programs which provide community based assistance for persons who are elderly and persons with disabilities. Each program page includes: (1) the purpose and scope of services provided, (2) the eligibility criteria for the applicant as well as the consumer, (3) the geographic location of services, and (4) a reference of where to find out more about the program and contact information for the program administrator.

The Reference Guide is available as a PDF or MS Word document:

Last updated March 30, 2017