Jail-Based Competency Restoration Workgroup

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About the Workgroup

The Jail-Based Competency Restoration Workgroup was convened pursuant to SB 1475 of the 83rd Legislature (Regular Session).The purpose of this workgroup is to establish and promulgate rules for a pilot program developed through a contract with a private company or Local Mental Health Authority (LMHA) with the purpose of providing mental health or co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse (COPSD) treatment services, as well as legal education for individuals found Incompetent to Stand Trial (IST), consistent with competency restoration services provided in state mental health facilities. The estimated number of beds in the pilot program will be 20, and the setting must be a large urban jail with a large population of individuals routinely deemed IST.

SB 1475 at Texas Legislature Online

Goals of Pilot

  • Provide prompt access to clinically appropriate Jail Based Competency Restoration services for individuals determined to be IST who do not qualify for the Outpatient Competency Restoration Program. Services shall include both treatment of the underlying mental illness, and the provision of education and skills training. The purpose of the education and skills training is to enable the patient to obtain a factual and rational understanding of the legal proceedings and to restore the patient’s ability to consult with legal counsel, and must follow the principles of effective psychiatric rehabilitation.
  • Reduce the number of State Mental Health Program bed days used by forensic patients from the Local Mental Health Authority (LMHA).
  • Minimize or ameliorate the stress of institutionalization, to the extent possible, for individuals in the Jail Based Competency Restoration Pilot.
  • Use a multidisciplinary treatment team to provide clinical treatment that is directed toward the specific objective of restoring the individual’s competency to stand trial and is similar to the clinical treatment provided as part of a competency restoration program at an inpatient mental health facility.

Workgroup Meetings

Date Location Meeting Documents Notes

2013 Jail-Based Competency Restoration Workgroup Meetings

September 12, 2013

Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
Lake Austin Centre, 4th Floor
3001 Lake Austin Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78703-4200

Map and Directions to Hogg Foundation

JBCR Workgroup Agenda - September 12, 2013 (MS Word)

DRAFT JBCR Rules - August 29, 2013


September 26, 2013

 Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
Lake Austin Centre, 4th Floor
3001 Lake Austin Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78703-4200

Map and Directions to Hogg Foundation

JBCR Workgroup Agenda - September 26, 2013 (MS Word)

JBCR Workgroup Minutes - September 12, 2013DRAFT (MS Word)

Crosswalk - Rights of Persons in Jail-Based Competency Restoration (MS Excel)

415-F - Interventions in Mental Health Programs - Restraint, Seclusion

Texas Administrative Code Provisions Regarding Abuse and Neglect

DRAFT JBCR Rules - August 29, 2013


Workgroup Members





City or County

Jail-Based Competency Restoration Workgroup Members, August 2013

Lupe Valdez


Dallas County Sheriff


Valerie Holcomb

Local Mental Health Authority 

Director of Forensic Services, Andrews Center; Co-Chair, (CAP)


Sonja Gaines

Local Mental Health Authority

Chief of Mental Health Services, MHMR of Tarrant County; LMHA Representative on the LANAC

Fort Worth/Tarrant County

Donna Klaeger

County Judge

County Judge of Burnet County; Chair, Texas Commission on Jail Standards

Burnet County

Cindy Stormer

District Attorney

First Assistant District Attorney, Dallas County


Krista Chacona

Defense Attorney

Attorney with Travis County Mental Health Public Defender’s Office

Austin/Travis County

Lynn Richardson

Defense Attorney

Chief Public Defender for Dallas County


Mark Kent Ellis

District Criminal Court Judge

District Court Criminal Judge for Harris County

Houston/Harris County

David Kraly

Mental Health Advocate; Substance Abuse Counselor; Consumer

Resource Care      

Community Outreach Coordinator

Clyde/ Callahan

Murray Sandlin

Mental Health Advocate; Consumer

Substance Abuse Counselor



Don Bass

Mental Health Advocate; Consumer

Recipient of Governor’s Volunteer Service Award for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 2002

Warren/Tyler County

Beth Mitchell

Mental Health Advocate

Supervising Attorney, Disability Rights

Austin (statewide agency)

Janet Paleo


Director of Recovery-Based Services, Consumer Representative, LANAC; Texas Council for Community Centers

Austin (statewide agency)

Maureen Burrows


Forensic Psychiatrist, Travis County

Austin/Travis County

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Last updated September 23, 2013