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Are you in crisis? Are you feeling desperate, alone or hopeless? Are you afraid that a loved one may be in danger? You are not alone. 

The ASK app includes:

  • Suicide Warning Signs
  • How to Ask
  • Veterans
  • Texas Local Hotlines

Preview the app at iTunes:

Training for Texas Educators

At Risk

The interactive training simulations helps educators build skills and confidence to identify and refer students in psychological or suicidal distress and is available only to Texas public middle and high school educators.

The free training will help high school faculty and administrators understand their role in identifying common signs and symptoms of psychological distress and have the confidence to take appropriate action, such as a referral to the school counselor. The one-hour At-Risk trainings uses a research-based approach and proven techniques for identifying and approaching distressed students in order to take appropriate action.

Trainings are open only to those affiliated with Texas public high schools. If you have a special request, please contact Mary Ellen Nudd, 

Last updated June 9, 2015