Texas Midwifery Board Apply for a New License - Experience

Mandatory basic midwifery education approved by the board shall:

provide clinical experience/preceptorship of at least one year in duration but no more than five years in duration and equivalent to 1350 clinical contact hours which prepares the student to become certified by NARM, including successful completion of at least the following activities:
    (A) serving as an active participant in attending 20 births;
    (B) serving as the primary midwife, under supervision, in attending 20 additional births, at least 10 of which shall be out-of-hospital births. A minimum of 3 of the 20 births attended as primary midwife under supervision must be with women for whom the student has provided primary care during at least 4 prenatal visits, birth, newborn exam and one postpartum exam;
    (C) serving as the primary midwife, under supervision, in performing:
          (i) 75 prenatal exams, including at least 20 initial history and physical exams;
          (ii) 20 newborn exams; and
          (iii) 40 postpartum exams.

If you are already trained in midwifery, you should consider applying for licensure after being certified by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) - rather than returning to school to complete a basic midwifery education course.
Last updated November 8, 2013