Advisory Committee Frequently Asked Questions

What law established the Newborn Screening (NBS) Advisory Committee?

The NBS Advisory Committee was established by House Bill (HB) 1795, 81st Texas Legislature (2009). The legislation is also known as “Greyson’s Law” in memory of Greyson Morris, the son of William and Nicole Morris, who died in 2008 of Krabbe Disease.

What does the NBS Advisory Committee do?

The committee advises the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) on strategic planning, policy, rules, and services related to newborn screening and additional screening tests. 

How often does it meet?

The committee meets at least three times annually, once in person and twice by conference call. View committee bylaws, agendas and minutes.

What is the term of committee members?

Initial members served staggered terms of two to six years. Current members serve three year terms. 

Who can apply to become a committee member?

Depending on the position open at the time, health care providers, hospital representatives, persons who have a family member affected by a condition for which newborn screening is or may be required, and persons involved in the delivery of newborn screening services, follow-up, or treatment may apply.

Who makes the appointments of the committee members?

The Commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services appoints members of the committee.

Who serves on the committee?

View the list of current members including membership appointments and terms. 

How can I be notified when there is a vacancy in the committee?

Join our free newborn screening e-mail list to receive messages related to the NBS Advisory Committee including when applications are accepted and meeting notices. You also will receive periodic messages about other news and activities of the Texas Newborn Screening Program. 

Last updated December 28, 2016