Newborn Screening Newsletter

Spring 2014 - From Specimen Collection to Receipt for Testing - The Importance of Timeliness In Screening, Texas Newborn Screening Program Quality Improvement Initiatives - Transit Times, Texas DSHS Laboratory Services Section; Newborn Screening Report Card, Media Attention on Newborn Screening Transit Times, Additional DSHS Quality Improvement Activities and Information

Spring 2013 - 2013 Genetics Conferences, Phenylketonuria (PKU) & Galactosemia (GALT), 50th Anniversary of NBS, In Memoriam, Grant Awarded to NBS Hearing Program, Welcome New Staff to NBS Unit, The Medical Director's Corner, 2013 Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Meeting, Glendale, AZ.

Winter 2013 - SCID Ribbon Cutting, Hypothyroidism, 83rd Legislative Session, Healthy Texas Babies, TXPulse Oximetry Project, Nurses Work Holidays, NBS Benefits Program, TEHDI Collaboration.

Fall 2012 - Texas NBS History, HB 411, NBS Advisory Committee, Texas Pulse Oximetry Project (TxPOP), Free Healthcare Provider Training, All In A Day's Work for NBS Nurses, The Texas Newborn Admissions Notification (NAN) Project, 2012 Genetics Conference, TEHDI Annual Report 

Summer 2012 - HB 411, New Remote Data Services, SCID, 2012 Genetics Conference, NBS Advisory Committee, Updated brochures available, Genetics Webinar Series

Spring 2011 (PDF) - TEHDI Program, Missing Medicaid Boxes in NBS Bloodspot Kits, NBS Clinical Care Coordination Contact Information, Meet our New Ombudsman, DSHS Recommended Flow for Adolescent Females with Elevated PHE Levels.


Last updated December 8, 2014