DWI Intervention Program - Become An Approved Provider

The first step in becoming an approved provider is either:

(1) taking the training required to become an Administrator/Instructor; or

(2) hiring a trained Administrator/Instructor;

You will then be ready to complete and submit the application form, which is available on our "Applications/Forms" web page. The initial application fee is $300.

Approved offender education programs shall use the uniform curricula and screening instruments approved by the department.

The following curriculum, which is provided to each trained administrator/instructor, is currently approved:

  • The Texas DWI Intervention Program Manual

The program shall:

  • conduct the course a minimum of one time during each reporting period;
  • provide a minimum of 30 hours of class instruction per course;
  • conduct class sessions which are not longer than three hours in length and not shorter than two hours in length;
  • conduct no more than one class session per day;
  • conduct no more than two class sessions per week;
  • conduct classes no larger than 15 participants and with no fewer than three participants;
  • provide make-up class sessions for excused absences; and
  • conduct a minimum of two individual sessions with each participant.

Branch and Additional Program Sites

The program shall obtain a duplicate certificate from the department for each branch site. Branch sites shall be located in the same county as the program headquarters or in an adjacent county. Each branch office or program site must have a local address and telephone number for participants to register and obtain information. The organization must submit a separate application and application fee to operate the program at a site that is not located in the same county as the program headquarters or in an adjacent county. The new application shall designate a program headquarters and may establish branch sites.

Last updated April 29, 2011