Texas Board of Orthotics and Prosthetics Apply for a New License - Licensed Assistant Requirements

The following education and experience are required if applying for an assistant license. The applicant must submit evidence satisfactory to the board of having completed the following:

  • eight credit hours of anatomy and physiology;
  • three credit hours of medical terminology;
  • three credit hours of physics; and
  • a clinical residency for assistants of not less than 1,000 hours in prosthetics or 1,000 hours in orthotics, completed in a period of not more than one year, in a facility that is accredited under §821.15 or a facility that is exempt under the Act, §605.260(e). The resident shall practice under the direct supervision of a licensed prosthetist, licensed orthotist or licensed prosthetist/orthotist, depending on the type of residency. The supervisor's license must be in the same discipline being completed by the clinical resident.

Beginning and ending a clinical residency for an assistant

Before undertaking a clinical residency for an assistant, the supervisor and clinical resident must notify the board by filing a completed supervision agreement with the board with the clinical resident's application for licensure as an assistant and required fee. The supervisor shall not allow the clinical residency to begin until approval from the board is received. The supervisor shall provide the clinical resident and the board with written documentation upon beginning, terminating or completing a clinical residency. If terminating or completing a residency, the written documentation shall indicate the number of hours, which comply with this section, that were completed by the clinical resident.

Last updated March 24, 2016