Opticians' Registry About the Profession - Registration Program

Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 352, establishes a voluntary registration program for Texas opticians. The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) administers the Opticians Registry Program (program) through the Professional Licensing and Certification Unit.

  • Persons who use the titles "Registered Dispensing Optician," "Registered Spectacle Dispenser," "Registered Contact Lens Technician," or "Registered Contact Lens Dispenser" must be registered with DSHS through the program.
  • Persons who do not use the protected titles are not subject to regulation in Texas as long as their practice is limited to eyeglasses.
  • Persons who sell or dispense contact lenses must hold a permit to do so under Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 353, even if the person is a voluntarily registered optician under Chapter 352.
  • Voluntarily registered opticians must complete classroom hours of training and successfully complete the examination administered by the American Board of Opticianry.
Last updated November 25, 2013